5 Countries worth going to spend your new year count down

silhouette of two person taking photo of fireworks

December has announced its arrival, and this is the ideal time to plan New Year’s Eve; whether to keep it low-key or to go wild, you decide. From warm beaches in Australia to frigid London and from lit parties in Thailand to sophisticated Paris, the choices are endless. Get ready to send 2019 off wholeheartedly and welcome 2020 compassionately. Since the calendar won’t repeat these digits, it’s best to cherish these moments and make life-long memories before life happens. 

New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly the biggest night of the year; millions of people attend magnificent firework displays, and billions watch them from their homes. This New Year’s Eve get up and don’t stick to your screen; be there, feel the buzz! 

Pick any of these festivity hubs and witness the grand entrance of 2020 along with other equally enthused visitors. 

New York

Without a doubt, New York is the best place to experience the buzz of New Year’s countdown. When almost a million people hoot, sing their hearts out, and make wishes when the calendar changes, life feels ethereal. The legendary ball drop in Times Square, the unmatchable street parties throughout the city, the warm buzz of a cold month, name it, and NYC already has it.

New york New year

Once the ball drop ceremony is over, take a stroll down the road and explore elite bars, master-class restaurants, and some amazing deals at your favorite brands. And since New York is compassionately decorated each year to greet the visitors, don’t forget to click some frame-worthy pictures to adorn your living room’s wall. 


London Eye, River Thames, majestic fireworks, elite bars; when all these are combined, an unforgettable New Year’s Eve takes place. Londoners sure know how to celebrate and glam up the night. The ideal place to witness New Year’s countdown is River Thames; you can either get on a boat or settle on nearby Primrose/Parliament hills and soak the enthusiasm spread around. 

pink ferries wheel with fireworks during night time

Whole London sky feels lit, vibrant, and promising no matter from where you glance at it. After the countdown is over, settle in the fabulous pub bell Traven, and savor down some exclusive wine while you chatter with the pals. And not to mention the wholesome cuisine that London offers; from Indian Curry to Chinese Sushi corners and from Hamburgers to Italian Pasta places, you’ll totally love the food.  


The country famous for partying all year round feels super special on New Year’s Eve. When you visit Koh Phangan beach and party all night, you’ll love the aura and ambiance. Thailand hosts some of the largest outdoor parties that people die to attend. This year, head to Thailand and feel the warmth, cheer, and happiness that surrounds you throughout. Whether you like drinking alcohol with the mates or enjoy quiet time in a spa, Thailand will surely get you ready for the year ahead.

Bangkok new year countdown

While in Thailand, dance your heart out, forget all the worries, and let the festivities sway you. 


With charismatic fireworks and splendid sights in the backdrop, Sidney’s New Year’s countdown is worth experiencing. Sydney is the ideal place to spend December away from your cold country in the middle of a warm and buzzy city. 

Sydney harbour fireworks

Viewing the astounding firework display at Sydney Harbor is at everyone’s to-do list due to its peerless beauty and breathtaking vibe. With top-class food corners, pubs, musical performances, and window shopping, your time in Sydney will be worth it, that I promise. Been there, done that!


What’s better than spending New Year’s countdown in romantic Paris, huh? This December, embark on the journey to explore the majestic Paris with your partner and feel the positive ambiance of life. Paris stays awake all night; whether you wish to enjoy loads of alcohol or to have a sophisticated dinner somewhere cozy, Paris is the “it” place.

paris countdown

Photo by Joe deSousa on Unsplash

With its jazzy nightlife and innumerable bars, Paris is also a hub of New Year’s Eve festivities. Enjoying the captivating light show of Eiffel tower and making new resolutions will stay in your memory for the years to come. So, while in Paris, don’t forget to celebrate till dawn!

New Year’s countdown feels surreal when you witness the splendid fireworks, hear cheery voices, and dance till your legs start aching. Bid an unforgettable farewell to 2019 and relay your well-wishes to 2020 with full enthusiasm. Get up and go on!