Places of the Week: 1-7 Apr 2019

Alright, everybody! Welcome to a new week of cheap eats, cheap drinks and cheap things to do in Singapore! The Food Place This will probably be right up your alley. Just a few hundred steps away from the Bugis cultural district lies a building equally well-known among Singapore’s visitors. Let’s head up–to the 70th floor

Places of the Week: 18-24 Mar

What’s up, amigos? We’re in the middle of March (already?!), and we can’t believe it. It’s been sweltering here in Singapore, and this writer has lapsed back into her shameful bubble tea habits.   The Food Place Ah well, how about a refreshing ice-blended drink to turn down the heat this week? No, we’re not

Places of the Week: 11-17 Mar

The Food Place Singaporeans are the masters of metaphor. Take, for instance, “Singapore has a rojak culture” or “Your English very rojak”. “Mixed” might be a good word, but it doesn’t pack as much power, and dare we say, flavour. Well, this rojak in question is actually a Southeast Asian salad. There are two types

Places of the Week: 4-10 Mar

Hola amigos, I think you know the drill. For the uninitiated, check out our first weekly feature here. The Food Place This week, we’d like to move on from chicken rice to something heavier and messier. Enter satay bee hoon, a splattering sensation with sweetness and crunch in every bite.         View

Places of the Week (25 Feb-3 Mar)

Hullo friends, and welcome back to our weekly feature of places to check out in Singapore! We sincerely hope that we don’t run out of cool stuff to feature soon. The Food Place What’s Singapore’s best known dish worth flying halfway around the world for? A ‘deceptively simple’ meal made out of boiled poultry and

Places of the Week (18-24 Feb 2019)

Whaddup, everyone? It’s your very normal Insider writing (again). This week, we’re shaking things up a little. We’ll still be featuring seemingly random snippets of Singapore life, but we’re turning our focus to locally vouched-for food and entertainment options so you know you’re only getting the best. Of course, we can’t guarantee that you’ll like

TRAVEL INSIDER’s Places of the Week

Our first feature will bring you several places endorsed by Singaporeans themselves. Hey, what better way to know a country than through its locals, right? The Food Place Ask any Singaporean to list down their favourite breakfast and/or supper dishes and you’ll inevitably hear the word “prata”. A South Indian import, roti prata literally means