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Chinese Cemetery


Lim Chu Kang Cemetery

“Do you know that buried bodies are being dug up at night? How scary is that?”

I am clueless about the entire grave exhumation requirement.
I had a lot of questions: Why is it needed? How is it going to be done? Aren’t the family members of the affected family feel unsettled by it? How do they find closure knowing that they can’t pay their respects at their loved ones grave after the exhumation?

Basically, what is going on?!

A little background,

The bodies of those who has passed on and buried at Singapore’s Lim Chu Kang cemetery will be excavated to make way for Singapore’s military airbase. Families of the affected ones are required to make arrangements on how they can go about relocating the remains of their loved ones.

I needed to shed light to the unknown. I came across the most underrated activity available, “Singapore Cemetery Nightwalk”. Signing up for it felt worst than anticipating heading for a haunted house. But what I know for sure was, I needed answers and what a way to share the unique experience I gained with my fellow friends.

We met up with the Host Jo at 1030PM, Bouna Vista MRT Station.

The jubilant Jo cracked up jokes which definitely made the uptight us more relaxed on what to expect. He told us what to expect, the Dos and Don’ts during the visit prior our journey to the cemetery. He assured us that it is not as scary as it sounds. While some may be afraid of supernatural occurrence we just have to take note of the Dos and Don’ts, be mindful, respect the place and situation.

We drove to the Lim Chu Kang Cemetery. The air was chilly and smelled of prayer incense. As we walked across the cemetery my legs trembled. I am not quite sure if it was due to the chilly air or my fear. During the experience, I was cautious to mind where I went and constantly apologise to those 6 feet down when I walk across their graves.

Grave digging

We stopped by an excavated grave covered with a tentage over it. I peered into the hole and saw the roof of the coffin. This was when Jo began elaborating the whole history, the requirement and the entire grave exhumation process. Exhumation wasn’t all just digging and disposing. It’s the collaborative work of many men, the meticulous details of obtaining every piece of the bone, the observation of the religious practice and ensuring that the ones that passed on was treated properly.

Rice Wine

Contrary to what I thought was going to be a scary experience, instead, I found new respect to those who are doing the excavation works and what they had to go through.

I urge fellow Singaporeans and travelers to broaden their experience through this underrated activity and learn about the underdogs of Singapore’s graveyard.

Chinese Cemetery

Documentary on Grave Excavation in Singapore

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Finally is up! Our documentary channel @notnowhen_documentary uploaded the first part of Grave Excavation in Singapore. Total there are 3 episodes! So stay tuned! Please watch at your own risk! Youtube: Titipong Media or NotNowWhen Documentary. If corpse or bones scares you, you might want to watch with just one eye open?! 👏👏. A HUGE thank you to: Hup Keong Funeral Services (Ah Boy) for arranging this RARE moment for us to experience and show to all of our fans and viewers! And @knockandsayhello for filming all of it ALONE! Cheers! Before we end. May all souls rest in peace. 😔😔 #singapore #thailand #taiwan #bangkok #documentary #documentaryfilm #documentaryphotography #documentaryphotographer #filmphotography #filminglocation #cemetery #pictureoftheday #photooftheday #insta #instagram #instagood #supernatural #paranormal #funeral #funeralservice #graveyard #tombstone #hell #discoverychannel #chineseculture #chinesetradition #taoist #religion #corpse #gore

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