Fantastic Snacks and Where to Find Them—Singapore Edition

Strange branding, dingy packaging, and absent ingredient lists. Why go for pricey Oreos and Skittles when you can have iced gem biscuits and spectacle chocolate candies? Without further ado, here are some Singapore snacks to try for when you’re not feeling up to it.

1. Iced Gem Biscuits



No Singaporean childhood is complete without these colourful biscuits. The plain biscuit cuts through the sweetness of the icing perfectly.
Available at Fairprice. Or venture to Biscuit King to get them by weight!

2. Haw Flakes



Made of Chinese hawthorn fruit and sugar, this is a dangerous snack to be had in front of the TV. Before you know it, there will be ten torn wrappers in front of you and you’ll wonder where the Haw Flakes themselves have gone.
Available at Fairprice and Giant.

3. Ding Dang Chocolate


Ding Dang


These are like Southeast Asian Maltesers, except they’re not very tasty. Also, the mascot looks strangely like Doraemon…except with ears. Well, the lure is in the toy that comes with it. Much like Kinder Joys, each pack comes with a cheap plastic toy you’ll only discover after opening the pack. Hey, cheap thrills, ya know?
Available at Munch Munch.

4. Frozen Ice Lollies


ice pops



At only 20 cents per piece, these ice lollies are the perfect heat busters on a sunny day. I have no idea what they’re filled with, but my guess is coloured sugar water. Not exactly healthy, but a Starbucks Frappuccino probably contains much more sugar.
To be honest, they haven’t been around much these days, but you might get lucky at mamak shops or local mom and pop stalls.

5. Colourful Jellies




Credit: kaodim

These were a mandatory part of Children’s Day gift packs. Oh so colourful and tangy, these were also a known choking hazard. This writer’s mother used to watch her consume these jellies with hawk eyes until they were mushed and swallowed. I was convinced I liked the yellow lemon ones until I watched this episode of Backyard Science and began suspecting that they were all the same.
Try Valudollar? You know those shops with shady-looking “Fire Sale” signs? Yep, it’s my favourite shop.

6. Milk Biscuits





These smol round balls may look plain, but they’re melt-in-your-mouth addictive. Just the right amount of sweetness combined with creamy milk flavouring makes this a wonderful snack for toddlers and the young at heart.

7. Apollo Chocolate Wafer


apollo chocolate wafers



Apollo Chocolate Wafer might not live up to today’s discerning consumer’s tastes, but it’s a very inexpensive way to deal with chocolate cravings. Manufactured just across the border in Malaysia, the wafers are still popular and widely available throughout Singapore today.
Available at Fairprice.

8. Eyeglass Chocolate



Credit: Traditional Treats

Eyeglass chocolate derives its name from its packaging. Consisting of two detachable loops of colourful candy pieces, this reminds me of Luna Lovegood’s glasses. Nevertheless, it’s pretty fun to pop those candies out of their pockets.
Available at Munch Munch.

9. White Rabbit Candy



White Rabbit is known for its edible rice paper almost as much as it is for its creamy milk candy. Although it sounds strange, the texture of melting rice paper in your mouth adds a layer of sensation to the candy-eating experience. Just look at all the folks who got mad when a Los Angeles ice-cream parlour removed the paper when producing their White Rabbit flavoured confectionery.
Available at Fairprice.

10. Mamee Noodles



Oh my! Instant ramen that doesn’t need to be cooked? Yes, please. Mamee Noodles have won the hearts of many children in Singapore and around the region for its crispy noodles and umami seasoning. It’s the perfect snack for when you crave something substantial but really don’t feel up to cooking.
Available at Fairprice.

11. Popo Muruku



The packaging. What in the world? Baby crackers? Fret not, for these are savoury fish-flavoured crackers. It tastes better than it looks or sounds, I promise. Also, their branding and community efforts are pretty good these days, we must say!
Available at Sheng Siong Supermarket and ValuDollar.

12. Hup Seng Chocolate Teddy Biscuits



They aren’t the most realistic-looking teddies, but they’re stubby and hilarious. Unfortunately for them, they’re going straight into our mouths to be masticated into a beary delicious chocolatey mush. Sorry not sorry.
Available online at Redmart. We’re not sure where to get these bears in physical stores. If you see them out and about, give us a shout at

These may not be the most healthy or tasty snacks you’ll ever eat, but they’re a cornerstone of Singapore culture and childhood. Be sure to try some while you’re here, and let us know what you think in the comments section down below!

Disclaimer: If there are any Malaysians and Indonesians about, we’re well aware that these snacks were huge parts of your childhood too. This writer’s uncle used to own a provision shop in Johor after all (yes, I had loads of free snacks).

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