How to Order Coffee in Singapore like a Local

Hopelessly dependent on caffeine? Yep, us too. Starbucks might be the most recognisable coffee brand around the world, but let’s be real: it’s expensive. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a Frappuccino every now and then, we think a visit to Singapore isn’t complete without having a taste of local coffee, or kopi, as it’s known to the locals. It’s cheap, versatile and available at literally every food court or hawker centre, perfect for a twice-a-day pick-me-up. Here’s an infograph you can save on your phone and bring with you to your next meal. If all fails, just show the auntie or uncle manning the stall and they’ll know what to do!

Coffee Guide

*Follow this order: Kopi + Milk (leave blank: condensed milk/O: no milk/C: evaporated milk) + Coffee level (Gau: more coffee/Po: less coffee) + Sugar level (Kosong: no sugar/Siew Dai: less sugar/Gah Dai: more sugar)

Replace Kopi with Teh for tea, or Milo for, well, Milo.

Enjoy your coffee!

More of a tea person? Here are some Singapore tea blenders out to create exquisite taste profiles that will make you savour your tea drinking experience for days to come!

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