Make Money as an Experience Host

TRAVEL INSIDER Experience hosts offer custom events run by locals. These unique offerings are now available in over 20 cities, and expanding rapidly. As a host, you can guide guests through an experience they couldn’t get without having a local by their side, which can last a single afternoon or span across multiple days. With the popularity of experiences for tourists booming, now is the time to start your journey to making money as an experience host.

Videography in Singapore

Start with Solid Research

When deciding what experience to offer, look at local events that are in demand. Check with listings that are already performing well, as well as what locals love to do in your city.

Know yourself and what your expertise is. Find an offer that matches your skills and that you can provide in a way no one else can. Sprinkle some extra flavour into your offer by seeing what people want and injecting your personality into it.

You’ll also want to research the legalities of your offer. TRAVEL INSIDER requires that you are covered by insurance, so you need to know what can and cannot be covered by insurance. Depending on the city you are in, you may also require a business license before starting.


Create an Awesome Listing

Now that you know what people want and what you can legally do, its time to create a listing that people will want to book. To create an eye-catching listing that stands out above the rest, keep the following in mind:


We mustered up the courage and attended a night cemetery tour at Lim Chu Kang Chinese Cemetery. Special thanks to our guide, Jo, for hosting us. Dare to go on the tour too? Find out more here: to know what's good in Singapore before anyone else? Follow us on Instagram:

Posted by SHOUT on Friday, 25 October 2019

Set Your Pricing

When creating a pricing plan for your experience, it is important to factor in the costs of doing business to ensure you will generate a profit. When starting, try keeping prices a bit lower than competitors until you get some excellent reviews, and gradually increasing pricing. Keep these variables in mind when setting a price for your experience hosting.

  • TRAVEL INSIDER fees – 10% of your price will be paid out to TRAVEL INSIDER (unless you are partnering with a non-profit)
  • Insurance costs
  • Costs of any resources (gas, food, etc.)
  • Reflect the value of your time
  • What are the similar experience packages being sold for?


Getting Great Reviews

Go above and beyond for guests and give them an experience that will last in their memories forever. Nudge them towards leaving a review at the end of their tour with you. Reviews on TRAVEL INSIDER are your lifeblood. The better your reviews, the more future listings you will get booked.


Manage Your Listing for Greater Visibility

Focusing on the SEO of your listing will generate greater visibility, leading to more experience bookings. Try these techniques to grow your reach and obtain greater visibility for your TRAVEL INSIDER Experience listing.

  • Update your calendar often
  • Stay responsive
  • Use targeted keywords
  • Keep reviews positive
  • Have flexibility in your offer for the duration of the experience.
  • Offer multiple packages to be found in more search results