New Zealand, before you go!

New Zealand

For the first to travel to New Zealand, here is a little bit of information that can be used as a guide to smooth out planning and travel:

Barring goods brought in

New Zealand has strict rules regarding goods that can and can not be brought in.
All items involving biosecurity risk should be stated during the inspection.
Among the things to keep in mind are items such as food, dairy products, plants and others.
If you are not sure, just declare. Do not take risks. You can be fined NZD400 if caught. The penalty fee is to be paid on-the-spot.
To simplify the process, you can also provide a list of items that need to be shared and shared.

Check this website for more information.…/arriving-in-new…/items-to-declare/

Airport in New Zealand

Depending on your destination, wanting to South Island or North Island, these two islands require you to get off at different airports.
North Island
Auckland Airport (AKL) Wellington Airport (WLG)
South island
Christchurch (CHC) Queenstown (ZQN) Dunedin (DUD)

Cash, debit card and credit card for payment

These three payment modes are widely used in NZ. Only a small number of businesses do not accept cards. The rest is ok
Activate card while still in Malaysia if you want it to be used here. In the event of an emergency, the card can act as a savior.

Light medicines are brought together

Here it is difficult to find a hospital or clinic if you are in the interior.
Lightweight medicines such as paracetamol, cough and balm are strongly encouraged to be taken to treat mild pain.
However, these medicines need to be declined upon arrival.

Time difference

NZ is 5 hours ahead of Malaysia in the summer and 4 hours in other seasons.

Sim card and internet

Unwiped phone alerts in the mountains and in remote areas of the city. Signal strength depends on telco company.
The sim card is sold at the airport. For cheaper options, the booth sells sim cards before passing immigration cheaper than those sold out.
There are various packages for travelers and can be selected according to need.


There are various accommodation options including home, hostel and holiday park.
Among the websites that can be navigated to book a home are in the airbnb.
Some homes allow tenants to stay hosted and enjoy life as locals. Once staying at a farm house is also interesting. Many farmhouse options can be selected

Wc facilities

There are two types of toilets such as toilets with complete facilities and compost toilets. The compost washroom has only room for ‘making a wish’ and is described by composting material.
Most toilet in NZ do not have a bidet and only provide tissue for cleaning purposes.

Halal food

In urban areas, halal food is easy to find but in remote areas, little halal food is difficult to find.
Available options are vegetarian and seafood.


Water can be drained directly from the tap as the tap water in NZ is well maintained. Although NZ advised in the morning the first cup of water was removed first before being drunk.

NZ special products

In addition to dairy products, Honey is also a specialty product in NZ. The price if purchased in NZ is half price cheaper than what has been exported to Malaysia.
Manuka Honey has high efficacy for good health as well as for digestive system, cough, wounds, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, can treat toothache and others.

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