Night Walk In Cemetery

Adventure | Offered in English, Chinese, Bahasa, Thai

Price per person:  S$80.00

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Hosted by Jo

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" 16 years ago, I started exploring different dark places especially cemetery. I just prefer to get close to nature differently than others. Though I won't consider myself as a ghost-catcher or paranormal ghost buster or even paranormal investigator with paranormal equipment. I prefer to be just like any normal human being but love to explore dark places and overcome fear that many of us are probably afraid ever since we are born.I've done some tour experiences privately through my own network and through other contacts. I'm not here to scare anyone nor bringing you more fear. What I want to convey and deliver is reality about life and overcoming one's fear. And what and how does one grave will be excavated. "

2 hours

Age: 21+


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